Call 512 656 8299 for a Texas size wine tour!

What size are our wine tours?
Our tours can accommodate as few as four and up to as many as 56 guests.

How many wineries do you visit?
Typically, our tour visits 3 venues on a half-day tour and 4 venues on a full day tour, spending approx. 45 minutes at each venue.

Do I pay tasting fees?
Our tours include a basic $10 tasting fee at each venue for each guest in our per person rate. If you choose to go to a venue whose tasting fee is more than $10,  you may pay an additional fee.

I’ve never taken a wine tour before. What can I expect?
Wine tours are a terrific way to learn about and taste a variety of wines, while we do the driving!

Here are some things to note:
Please have a good breakfast before your tour. It’s important not to taste wine on an empty stomach! From Downtown Austin it’s an 80 to 90 minute drive to Fredericksburg or Marble Falls, and approximately 40 minutes to the Drippin’ Trail, where we’ll stop at 3-4 wineries. We spend about 30-45 minutes at each winery and taste a selection of wines. If you like the wine at a particular winery, you are encouraged to buy their wine! Many wineries will ship your purchases for you if you are from out of town or your guide can store your purchases safely for you until your drop off.

Choose the Perfect tour for you!